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May 2021

How to prevent nipple soreness and cracked nipples when breastfeeding

How to get your child back on track and be healthy this summer!

[Dr. Dina News] The hotspot strategy is working!

What Do I Do to Help Siblings When a New Baby Arrives?

What is Attention Deficit Disorder?

What Do We Know About the Kid Vaccine for COVID-19?

[Dr. Dina News] Many vaccine questions answered this week

[Dr. Dina News] Kids 12+ can get vaccinated (in Canada)

[Dr. Dina News] Good news, and vaccine eligibility update

April 2021

How Much Vitamin D Do You Need? Which Vitamin D Supplement is Best?

COVID Vaccine Trials in Kids – What you Need to Know

Screen Time and your Kids – How Much Is Too Much?

What to Eat for Constipation

Avoid Tantrums in Toddlers and Discipline Children Like a Pro

How Much Vitamin D Do You Need? Which Vitamin D Supplement is Best?

[Dr. Dina News] Light at the end of the tunnel

[Dr. Dina News] Adults In Pediatric Care

[Dr. Dina News] We need to get real!

[Dr. Dina News] New Data on Kids & COVID Vaccines

Starting Solids to Prevent Food Allergies

10 parenting strategies to reduce stress and anxiety during the pandemic

Childhood Depression – Causes and Signs of Depression

Crunchy Strawberry Popsicles – Healthy Dessert Ideas!

Edible Cookie Dough – a Healthy Snack!

Healthy Hazelnut Chocolate Muffins

Chicken Burrito Recipe – a healthy lunch idea!

Dessert for Breakfast Sundae

Banana Sushi – a Healthy Snack Idea!

Steamed Chicken Momos – a healthy chicken recipe!

Berry Kefir Smoothie

Baked Veggie Nuggets – a healthy dinner idea!

March 2021

[Dr. Dina News] The third wave is here!

How to help your child cope during the COVID-19 pandemic

Causes of Sore Throat in Kids Including Viral Pharyngitis and Strep Throat

8 Ways to Teach Financial Independence to your Child

[Dr. Dina News] Kids and the Vaccine? I have an update!

Parenting and Conflict Resolution Strategies

How to prevent kids allergies to foods

[Dr. Dina News] COVID Anniversary and Positive News

Healthy Hazelnut Chocolate Muffins

7 Tips For Preventing Viral Infections This Fall and Winter

Easing the Daycare and Childcare Transition And Social Development

Symptoms of a Bladder Infection in Kids

[Dr. Dina News] Are less effective vaccines worth taking?

What Causes Eczema In Babies?

What To Do for Painful Constipation in a Child

[Media] COVID Vaccines for kids, and keeping kids in school


February 2021

[Dr. Dina News] Canada’s approved vaccines and how they differ

When do babies crawl?

How To Use a Thermometer To Check Fever In Kids

Stomach Flu Treatment in Kids – What to Know and Do

Why Anxious Parents Can Lead To Anxious Kids

How To Boost your Immune System in 6 Easy Steps

Nightmares and Night Terrors in Children

What temperature is a fever? Is high fever dangerous for a baby?

Back To School While Caution Reigns Supreme

Dry patches of skin and baby eczema

Dry skin relief for baby eczema

Diaper rash 101

Newborn Baby Rash 101




What should you do if your child doesn’t want to eat meat?

[Dr. Dina News] How is the vaccine working?

Fasting: A simple way to make a big difference in your health and wellbeing

5 Natural Ways to Support Your Kids Immune System

What is Reactive Airway Disease and What Causes Asthma?

What is Baby Eczema? Why Does my Child have Dry Patches of Skin?

6 Best Ways To Help My Children’s Mental Health

What To Do For Baby Eczema and Dry Skin

9 Best Tips to Protect your Children’s Mental Health this Winter

Mental Health In Kids. What Does It Mean For Your Child?

Children’s Mental health and Virtual Care – How Does It Work?

[Dr. Dina News] This isn’t a wave, it’s a Tsunami!

Can We Throw Away Our Masks Now?

Children’s Mental Health and Signs Of Mental Illness

Ingrown Fingernails – Everything Parents Need To Know

Whan Will Kids Get The COVID-19 Vaccine?



5 Tips To Make The Holidays Less Stressful

The Biggest Vaccination Campaign In World History!

How To Beat The Winter Worries For The Whole Family

A Vaccine Is Here. Ok, We’re Good Now, Right?


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Parenting Strategies During the Pandemic – The Covid Toolbox
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Nine Tips to Protect Your Kids Mental Health This Winter
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9 Tips to Protect your Kids’ Mental Health this Holiday Season



Kidcrew Content


April 2021

(Q&A) When Will I Get My First Period?

(Q&A) When can I stop sterilizing bottles?

(Q&A) How to Relieve Baby Gas?

(Q&A) Is green poo in babies normal?

(Q&A) Does my baby have a flat head (plagiocephaly)?

(Q&A) Does My Baby Have Acne?

(Q&A) What is Cradle Cap?

(Q&A) 5 Most Asked Questions to our Therapy Team

(Q&A) What is my acne type and how can I treat my acne?

(Q&A) What Causes Body Odor?

(Q&A) Is my child’s anxiety normal?


January 2021

(page) Virtual Care


Will Strength Training Stunt My Child’s Growth

How Do I Calm My Anxiety



Kidcrew Resources and Lead Magnets






Guide to Virtual Visits

How To Help Your Child Wear a Mask

Strategies To Keep COVID-19 Our Of Your Home

TPP Content






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