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Ages 3 years to 12 years old. This section contains information related to all things related to kids development, play time, speech, moods, and learning.

The Latest From Kids at Play

Guide To Summer Fun With The Kids

Parenting, Kids, and Summer Fun This summer is my first one home with both my children, ages 3 & 6 years old. I was a little worried that I was not going to be able to keep them entertained and from fighting with each other all the time. I have to...

The Latest From Speech & Language

The Latest From Fitness

How To Get The Kids Moving

How To Get The Kids Moving This Summer I don’t know about you but this beautiful warm weather always inspires me to get outside and get moving! Exercise seems so much more appealing when the sun is shining and the weather is good. Getting the kids moving...

Running Back To Running After Having A Baby

Running Back To Running After Having A Baby My happiness is measured in weekly running mileage, not daily diapers changes. So after having a baby, I was eager to get back to running as quickly as possible. Running gives me back my sanity, helps me through...

Our Kids Need To Log Off And Get Moving

Our Kids Need To Log Off And Get Moving Do your kids come home from school, drop their backpacks, and hit the sofa for hours of TV, computer, or video games? Do they spend weekends messaging friends or updating their social media platforms? Shockingly,...

Kids Yoga – A Worthwhile Obsession?

Kids Yoga - A Worthwhile Obsession? I know it sounds hokey, and probably posh and presumptuous. I swear I am not that kind of mom -- really. But my kids practice yoga. They LOVE yoga, and are excited every Saturday or Sunday morning to accompany me to my...

The Latest From Tantrums & Moods

Avoiding Toddler Tantrums – Part 1

Avoiding Toddler Tantrums and Disciplining Like A Pro We have two toddlers in my house nowadays. It is fun and exciting watching them grow, but quite a pain at times as well. For those of you with toddlers, or for those that went through this phase, you...

How To Encourage Our Children To Stop Whining

My Tips to Encouraging Kids To Stop Whining As a parent we are all familiar with whining, our children whine for various reasons and to get toys, food or attention. I can tell you that whining really bothers me; it bothers me because I know that my...

The Latest From Safety For Kids

Childproofing Basics

Childproofing your home will help prevent accidental injuries to new movers, active toddlers, and curious preschoolers, so exploring can be fun and adventure filled.
For mom & dad, we always suggest getting down on your knees … read more

Sun Safety For Kids

Sun Safety For Kids Sun care is an important topic of health and safety for children. I am sure it seems far away right now, but the summer is coming and soon we will need to be protecting our children and ourselves. It is a balance, as our children do...

The Latest From School & Learning

10 Tips For Back To School Success

Back To School Success - 10 Tips For Parents It’s time for back to school, your kids are excited and maybe a little nervous. For the child with a learning difficulty, going back to school can be especially anxiety ­provoking. So how can a parent help her...

6 Ways to Bust Back To School Jitters?

6 Ways to Bust Back To School Jitters? I can't believe my oldest son, Dylan, is starting Junior Kindergarten this year and my youngest is starting pre-nursery. Despite the fact I still call them my babies, the truth is they are growing up. I think most...

Back to school – Getting Everyone Ready!

Getting the Kids Ready for Back to school It’s that time of year when the lazy days of summer are coming to an end and it’s back to school and routine for everyone. After a summer of fun, and likely some lack of routine, it is sadly time to start getting things on...

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