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Can you, Dr Dina, be my child's pediatrician?

Please Contact my Office at Kidcrew.com or call 416.654.5437 – we are available 7 days a week. For new patients, please call before booking online.

Dr Dina, may I ask you a question?

Yes, but please be aware that, online (via website, email, or social media), physicians in Canada are prohibited from answering specific health inquiries, or questions regarding a person, or person’s current state of health, or treatment or diagnosis of that person. The information we can responsibly provide online are general health and wellness guidelines and knowledge.  These guidelines are in keeping your best interests, and are set forth by Canada’s College of Physicians and Surgeons.

IMPORTANT: if you have a question about a current state of health or medical condition, whether for yourself or a child in your care, PLEASE CONSULT A PHYSICIAN IN PERSON AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 

I love providing health and parenting information online, however, due to the importance with proper diagnosis of any health situation – physicians are not permitted to share “medical advice”, nor would it be prudent to do so.

If you wish to suggest a topic we have not covered in this blog, then please contact Dr. Dina with your suggestions.

For any other questions, please use the form lower down on this page.

If you have a medical question – please contact your physician.

I'd like to write for DrDina, how can I join the team?

Please use our contact form, and include any relevant information as to why you’d like to contribute, and why you feel your content would be a good fit for our audience. Please include any links to current content you have posted online. We look forward to connecting with you.

I'd like to discuss a brand collaboration opportunity

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"Remember, I am not allowed to answer specific medical questions. For these please see your physician." Dr. Dina

Latest From The Blog

Recipe for Nutty Golden Blondies

 Sweet potatoes are an excellent ingredient for babies and kids. They are loaded with multivitamins, beta carotene, fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and minerals. In addition, their naturally sweet flavor and incredibly moist, creamy texture make them extra delicious.

10 Most Common Newborn Rashes

 When your baby has a rash, it can be pretty scary for parents. We often worry a rash is the sign of something serious, though it rarely is! A newborn’s skin is very delicate and can be unfortunately plagued by a variety of baby rashes. Here are some of the more common childhood rashes..

Why Anxious Parents Can Lead To Anxious Kids

As parents, we discover that so many of our kids have self-esteem issues and don’t feel as comfortable in their skin as we’d hoped – and planned. The other problem with trying to make everything right for our kids is that we then shield them from developing their resourcefulness.

What To Do for Painful Constipation in a Child

Painful constipation is a prevalent issue that many kids experience. Nowadays, painful constipation in kids is especially frequent because many children overeat processed food, too little fiber, and drink too little water. They are probably following the model of adults who tend to lack a proper diet as well!


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