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Can you, Dr Dina, be my child's pediatrician?

Please Contact my Office at Kidcrew.com or call 416.654.5437 – we are available 7 days a week. For new patients, please call before booking online.

Dr Dina, may I ask you a question?

Yes, but please be aware that, online (via website, email, or social media), physicians in Canada are prohibited from answering specific health inquiries, or questions regarding a person, or person’s current state of health, or treatment or diagnosis of that person. The information we can responsibly provide online are general health and wellness guidelines and knowledge.  These guidelines are in keeping your best interests, and are set forth by Canada’s College of Physicians and Surgeons.

IMPORTANT: if you have a question about a current state of health or medical condition, whether for yourself or a child in your care, PLEASE CONSULT A PHYSICIAN IN PERSON AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 

I love providing health and parenting information online, however, due to the importance with proper diagnosis of any health situation – physicians are not permitted to share “medical advice”, nor would it be prudent to do so.

If you wish to suggest a topic we have not covered in this blog, then please do so here – our team loves taking requests.

For any other questions, please use the form lower down on this page.

If you have a medical question – please contact your physician.

I'd like to write for DrDina, how can I join the team?

Please use our contact form, and include any relevant information as to why you’d like to contribute, and why you feel your content would be a good fit for our audience. Please include any links to current content you have posted online. We look forward to connecting with you.

I'd like to discuss a brand collaboration opportunity

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"Remember, I am not allowed to answer specific medical questions. For these please see your physician." Dr. Dina

Latest From The Blog

Mental Health In Kids. What Does It Mean For Your Child?

Mental health in kids is so important to monitor carefully. From the time they arrive, we cannot help but compare our children – how much does he weigh? How much does she sleep? How well does he eat? Is she saying much yet? If your child’s behaviour seems different from their peers, are you wondering “is there something wrong with my child?.”

Can we throw away our masks now?

I have been quite open about my concern for the asymptomatic spread of COVID-19. I have seen many patients and family members get COVID, despite no confirmed case exposure. I suspected a ton of asymptomatic spread. I have gone so far as to say I think 70-80% of COVID infected individuals are asymptomatic, and I still believe this to be true.

Children’s Mental Health – Signs of Mental Illness

Did you know that 1 in 5 children in Ontario struggles with mental health issues? Overall, more than 70% of adults who struggle with mental health concerns began to have difficulty in childhood. Early intervention and access to mental health resources during childhood has the potential to change the trajectory of a child’s health and wellness.

Ingrown Fingernails – Everything Parents Need to Know

Ingrown fingernails occur when the nail grows into the layer of skin around it. If the nail appears to be pushing into the skin or curving downward, it may be an ingrown nail. Nails that ingrow can lead to ingrown fingernail swelling and pain. If they persist, they can lead to an ingrown fingernail infection.

When will kids get the vaccine?

The short version is it will likely take several months before a vaccine is approved for use in kids. The COVID-19 vaccines were created and tested in record speed, a huge scientific leap with tons of collaboration around the world.

What is virtual healthcare?

Virtual healthcare refers to virtual visits between a healthcare provider. The pandemic has highlighted that virtual care can provide reassurance and efficiency, while allowing families to remain in the safe comfort of their homes, while still accessing expert care. Satisfaction amongst patients is high.


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