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Our Commitment to Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. The website (the “Site”) is owned and operated by Dina Kulik, MD. This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use and disclose information that we may obtain about you through the Site, and otherwise. When you provide information to us, we protect it according to this Privacy Policy. By using this website you acknowledge that you have reviewed, and agree to, the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, please call our offices so we may discuss your concerns, to better serve you. You, our site visitor, are our first priority.

We are committed to protecting your privacy whether you are browsing for information or conducting business with us through electronic mediums, or otherwise. The handling of all personal information by Dr Dina Kulik, MD, any employees or affiliated organizations is governed by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

The Information We Collect

We may collect the following types of information when you browse our website:

  • Information you provide directly when you register or make an online order, inquire about Dr Dina products, or request Dr Dina Kulik MD support or services at any Dr Dina Kulik interactive message board, Social Channel, or via any e-mail messages you send us, including personally identifiable information such as your name, contact information (phone, fax and pager numbers, address, and email address), ordering information, and payment data.
  • Passively collected information, including through the use of “cookies” described below, such as IP addresses, web browser and operating system information, date and time of visits, and the web pages your Internet browser visits when browsing this Site, any other Dr Dina Kulik MD website or any affiliate site;
  • Click-through information related to Dr Dina Kulik MD emails and related marketing activities; and
  • Aggregate, non-personally identifiable information, such as the number of hits per week or per web page.

“Cookies” are small text files that store information about your interactions with a particular website, either temporarily (known as a “temporary” or “session” cookie, and deleted once you close your browser window) or more permanently on the hard drive of your computer (known as a “permanent” or “persistent cookie”).  Cookies can make it easier to use a website by allowing servers to access certain information quickly:

  • Session cookies can be used to help a user’s browser navigate a website more smoothly and may show up if the user comes from a website with which the subsequent website has some relationship (e.g., a website of an affiliated company) and can give helpful information.
  • Persistent cookies can be used to customize a website for a user, such as by storing passwords, preferences, and registration and account information so that users do not have to reenter this information each time they visit a website.

This Site may use both session/temporary cookies and persistent/permanent cookies to store information that allows us to offer you better customer service and to navigate through the Site with ease.  To make the Site easier to use, we combine information collected via cookies with personally identifiable information.  Note that if you configure your browser to reject cookies, you might not be able to access important functions or areas of the Site or enjoy certain conveniences at this Site.

The Way We Use Information

Dr Dina Kulik MD uses information collected online in the following ways:

  • For information you provide directly online, or through email messages, relating to inquiries about products, ordering products, requests for support or services, or downloading products, we use the information to engage in and process transactions with you, respond to your inquiries and requests, and provide customer support activities.
  • For information you provide online, including actions or clicks from hyperlinks and subscriptions, we use the information to customize future communications and web pages in accordance with communication preferences you have established with Dr Dina Kulik MD.
  • For some registration, email and use data you provide, we may direct you to particular web pages, customize the web pages you see, or otherwise increase the relevance of the information you receive.
  • For information about web pages visited, page hits per week, and the like, we use this information internally to improve the design of our web pages.
When We Share Customer Information


Dr Dina Kulik MD does not share, loan, rent, or sell non-public individually identifiable information with third party marketers.

Dr Dina Kulik MD shares information for business purposes only on a need-to-know basis and only with: (a) its own employees and affiliates; (b) the customer from which Dr Dina Kulik MD received the information; (c) Dr Dina Kulik MD sub-contractors, consultants, and third-party service-provider companies, that have agreed to safeguard such information in a like manner to the way that Dr Dina Kulik MD safe-guards such information and that have signed confidentiality agreements with Dr Dina Kulik MD; and (d) other entities authorized to have access to such information under applicable law or regulation.

Dr Dina Kulik MD may disclose information to protect our rights or property, to enforce our terms of use and legal notices, as required or permitted by law, or at the request of government regulators or other law enforcement officials and the courts (including the issuance of a valid subpoena). We shall have no duty to notify you of such compliance with the law.

We will not use or share information in ways unrelated to those described above without first notifying you and offering you a choice as to whether or not we may use your data in this different manner.

Our Commitment to Data Integrity and Security

Dr Dina Kulik MD processes information only in ways compatible with the purpose for which it was collected. To the extent necessary for such purposes, we take reasonable steps to make sure that customer information is accurate, complete, current and otherwise reliable with regard to its intended use. However, Dr Dina Kulik MD expects customers will update their personal information with Dr Dina Kulik MD as necessary.

Dr Dina Kulik MD takes reasonable and appropriate measures to maintain the confidentiality and integrity, and prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure, of information. This includes maintaining a system of appropriate administrative, physical and technical safeguards to secure such information.

Respecting your privacy is of the highest priority at Dr Dina Kulik MD.

Contacting us for privacy issues ONLY

Please note that this phone number will NOT connect you with Dr Dina, her office, or a customer service representative.

Attn: Privacy Officer

Keith Agnew, 647.781.6899

or Click here to send us your question or concern

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