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How to Teach Compassion to Your Kids

To teach compassion to your kids is no small thing, but here's some ways to model good behaviour from Dr. Dina that will make it a little easier. I, like many North American parents, cannot stop thinking about the many families in Paris, Syria and Beirut...

Anxious Parents, Anxious Children

Why anxious parents aren't really protecting kids from life. A few years ago I had a camper who lost it. I can’t tell you where she’s from or anything else about her except to say that at age 12, this lovely child fell apart. I’d known her for years and...

Frustrating Four’s

We hear about the Terrible-Two’s and the Trying-Three’s, how about the Frustrating-Four’s? You don’t hear much about this stage & I AM FRUSTRATED! Here are a few tips on how I’m dealing with this.

The Latest From Family Life

Christmas Cheer

My Kind Of Christmas Cheer Christmas is the most important time of the year for my family. Surprised? As a Jew, I am hardly erecting Christmas trees or holding my breath till Santa comes down the chimney, but Christmas is a holy time for our family. I do...

Mindful Teaching Through Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions are Fun and Can Be Educational Too Many holiday traditions are simply fun activities during which families spend time and take part in together. However, it is important to remember our values are weaved through our traditions like...

Family Relationships Inventory

Need to take stock of your family relationships inventory this holiday season? Here's some questions you should ask. Christmas vacation is a golden opportunity for visiting our family relationships and checking out how they’re going. Does one relationship...

The Latest From Home Safety

Home Safety Tips For Your Kids

Home Safety Tips For Your Kids As parents, we all look forward to our children reaching milestones, it makes us realize just how quickly they grow. Many of us focus on the baby milestones chart as we watch them grow. Crawling is a huge milestone. It...

Garden Safety for Toddlers

Garden Safety for Toddlers My family and I spent a fair amount of time in our backyard this weekend, gardening and playing on the play-structure. As my husband and I were travelling back and forth to our garage for supplies it struck me just how unsafe it...

How To See Fireworks Safely The Summer

Enjoy Fireworks Safely With The Whole Family With summer upon us, fireworks will be lighting up the sky a few more times before school is in session again. Fireworks may be fun and exciting for kids, but also carry a significant risk of burns. Fireworks...

The Latest From Travel

Camping With Kids

Camping and Kids - Rule One Is Chill I have spoken to a lot of families who are all interested in camping with their children yet do not follow through with it due to their reservations. What is My Child Going To Do? It can be stressful and challenging to...

Help Your Child to Sleep When Traveling

Does getting your child to sleep when traveling during the holidays bring you woe? Here's how to help them. Holiday season is fast approaching which often means more traveling for families. Perhaps you’re taking a family vacation and heading some place...

17 Tips For Travel With Kids

17 Tips For Travel With Kids With this recent cold spell, many of you are looking to get away somewhere warm. I don’t blame you – I’d be travelling too, if I wasn’t due in December! I think you’ll have the best vacation possible if you're well prepared,...

The Latest From Appearance & Well Being

Do You Know If Your Child Is Obese?

Child Is Obese? - Obesity Awareness Month September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, which casts a spotlight on a major health concern for children and their parents. Children who have obesity are more likely to have obesity as adults. This...

Baby and Toddler Shoes for Girls and Boys

Baby and Toddler Shoes for Girls and Boys We all want what is best for our children, so why not start from the very beginning.   From the moment our children are born they are constantly growing. Anyone who has had a child will tell you that they just...

Anatomy Of A Shoe

Anatomy Of A Shoe I often see parents who bring their children into my clinic for foot problems. Aches and pains in kids can mean many different things. Whatever the complaint, I will always sneak a peek at the shoes they are wearing since improper...

Foot Pain Diagnosis

Foot Pain Diagnosis Common foot and leg abnormalities in kids Parents often ask me if it is normal that their child has flat feet, or walks on their tip- toes, or that their toes overlap. Some parents want a foot pain diagnosis. These are all common...

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