Ages 13 years to 19 years old. This section contains information related to all things related to teenage children.

The Latest From Social Development

Tips and Tricks for Less Screen Time

The average time a child may spend in front of screen ranges between 3-7 hours daily, with teenagers on the higher end. Long screen time has number of adverse health effects on children that have been proven with scientific studies. Read More …

Social Development In Children

Social Development In Children   We all know how important it is to have friendships, people we like and who like us, and people we trust. While babies as young as 6 months may begin to show positive interest in each other, young children typically...

Bullying – Questions we Should Ask Our Kids

Bullying - Questions and Strategies Over the past several years bullying has reached new levels in terms of what it looks like. Bullying used to be beating up someone, pushing, shoving and name-calling. Nowadays, there is cyber bullying, text bullying and...

The Latest From Sexual Development

Masturbation Book Club

Masturbation. A word that’s uncomfortable to say? A word that invokes strong reactions .. masturbation .. and a word that few are comfortable talking about. A taboo topic in most cultures for sure. In a recent article I wrote, the benefits of teaching...

Teach Girls Masturbation, It’s Okay

To teach girls masturbation is okay - the double standard of acceptable behavior in boys and girls leads to shame and misconception. So here's a story that inspired the "teach girls masturbation" issue .. Years back, I was a camp counselor at a wonderful...

What Does It Mean To Be Transgender?

Popping up all over the media lately is the concept of being transgender. From Caitlin Jenner to Lavern Cox, with shows like Transparent becoming mainstream, lots of people are curious. Transgender is nothing new; people have been living differently then...

How Does My Teen Know When They’re Ready to Have Sex?

How does your teen know when they're ready to have sex? Talking about sex with your teenager ranks high on the list of awkward conversations. Unsure of how to initiate these types of conversations, many parents buy a book about sexual health, place it on...


May Is MASTURBATION Month There I said it. Shocking as the word and act are to many, masturbation is a normal aspect of childhood sexuality that many parents find difficult to talk about. Part of this is the difficulty in acknowledging that kids are...

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