‘13’ Halloween Safety Tips – The Quick and Dirty

‘13’ Halloween Safety Tips – The Quick and Dirty


‘13’ Halloween Safety Tips – The Quick and Dirty

Have a fabulous Halloween knowing you are being safe!


Here are my favorite Halloween safety tips:

  1. Avoid trick or treating alone. Walk in groups and adults should always accompany kids.
  2. Costumes and jackets should have reflective tape so drivers can see you
  3. Carry a flashlight to help drivers see you
  4. Teach your children to look both ways before crossing the street. Cross at crosswalks whenever possible. Walk on sidewalks.
  5. Test makeup on a small area before applying to the whole face. This will minimize any possible allergic reaction or irritation.
  6. Never take rides from strangers, or enter a home you don’t know
  7. Wear bright, flame resistant costumes
  8. Wear well fitting masks or face paint to ensure your child can see and avoid tripping
  9. Don’t send your kids out trick or treating on an empty stomach – they’ll be more likely to snack on route

Doctor Dina Health Advice for Kids - halloween safety tips 

Candy Time

  1. Ensure candy is an appropriate size for your child. Small hard candies are choking risks for your children
  2. Inspect all the candy your kids collect before eating
  3. Only accept commercially wrapped treats, unless from someone you know WELL
  4. If a candy looks like it’s been tampered with, throw it out. You’re child will have plenty and it isn’t worth the risk


Have a Happy and SAFE Halloween!!!

Dina M. Kulik, MD, FRCPC, PEM

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