What Is The Best Stroller For You? Umbrella Stroller? Double Stroller? Jogging Stroller?

What Is The Best Stroller For You? Umbrella Stroller? Double Stroller? Jogging Stroller?

What Is The Best Stroller For You? Umbrella Stroller? Double Stroller? Jogging Stroller?


Where does one even start to shop for strollers?   It can be a very overwhelming process as there are just so many options to choose from and so many different types – everyday stroller, snap & go strollers, umbrella strollers, jogging strollers and adding another child opens the door to all the options of double strollers that are out there!  Considering you will use a stroller for about 3-4 years per child you want to make sure you get the one that is best for you! Here are some tips to consider when looking for a stroller;



Strollers really range in price.  An everyday stroller can start from about $200 for a Peg Perego or Chicco stroller all the way to about $1400 for the Stokke.  So if you know you can’t afford to spend $600 then do some research and don’t bother looking at the more expensive options out there. There are thousands of stroller reviews out there!


Easy to handle

Wheel it around the store a bit to test how easy it turns.  Add your purse or as much weight as you can to it to get a real feel for how it handles with a child in it.  Also, if you will be folding it up and putting it in the car practice at the store to ensure it is easy– and keep in mind you will be doing it with baby in tow (potentially a screaming one!)


Travel system versus ‘snap–n-go’

The ‘snap–n-go’ option is a great option to leave folded in your trunk and the infant car seat clicks right in, but as soon as the baby outgrows the infant seat you can’t use this anymore.  Many other strollers come with a “travel system” so they have an adaptor to click the car seat onto the base, but also has a bassinet and standard stroller seat option as well.  This system provides lots of flexibility for you and baby.



With babies comes stuff, and you will always be carrying more stuff than you think you should.  Consider the size of the storage basket.  Will it hold the baby stuff and leave room for a few groceries, or your purse?


How you will be using it

Will you be folding it up often in the car to take with you?  Taking it off road?  Using it for shopping trips?   Will you want to be able to add on another seat?  All of this will influence what features are important to you.


Buying a double stroller

There are tandem and side-by-side formats.  What works better for you? Will your children like looking at each other? Will one child mind sitting underneath another child if the seats are on top of one another? If doing lots of errands or in and out of shops with the kids the side-by-side can be hard to fit through doorways of many stores. Ensure you know if your double stroller can fit through a typical doorway, and how easily it turns to maneuver in isles.


Umbrella strollers

Once your child gets a bit older you will likely end up purchasing one – an easy to fold stroller that you keep in the car to use on day trips, shopping trips or travelling.  Again you’ll have to consider you budget, usage and how it handles. These are becoming fancier all the time, and typically more expensive.


Jogging Strollers

These are a great way to keep active with your child/children in tow, and allows a parent who is home with a child to fit exercise in without needing someone to care for your child. Most have 3 wheels and are very lightweight making for a smooth ride for everyone.  Check if yours has a locking wheel in front, or a pin to allow for a pivoting wheel or not. When jogging, a locked wheel is necessary for stability, but this makes it more awkward to maneuver around when you aren’t running. Jogging strollers tend to be quite large and don’t fold up as well as the others. A double jogging stroller is even bigger!


Ultimately I would suggest start with a good everyday stroller and build, as your child grows – no need to buy multiple strollers at one time.  My daughter didn’t enjoy the stroller very much at all so although I had considered purchasing a jogging stroller I am glad I waited because it would have been a waste.  You don’t want to end up with a room full of strollers you don’t use!



Quick Tips:

  • Know your budget

  • Understand your needs

  • Ensure the stroller is easy to handle


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  1. Carla

    Great tips Allison! I personally like the Maclaren Globetrotter which cost around 60 GBP, which is around 120 Canadian dollars. Would you mind checking my review and let me know what you think? busycitymum.com/maclaren-globetrotter-stroller-review/

    Keep up the good work!

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