How We Built Our Stroller Team

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How We Built Our Stroller Team

It didn’t happen overnight, but we got there. When I say a team I mean it, it’s a finely tuned line up each with its own purpose (or so I was told).

The single strollers

The veteran of this team is the stroller that came with our travel system. A reliable workhorse that can fit the bucket from our travel system and can be used as a stand-alone stroller. This was used for approximately 6 months before being sent down to the minors’, aka the garage. Despite its versatility, we realized its size could not be used for traveling.

Next up, our umbrella stroller

Slim, sleek, easy to use and travel with. Unfortunately, the minimal carrying capacity and shade options leave it minimally used especially in the summer.

Bring on a smaller, more compact 3-wheel stroller with a large shade, more stability, and carrying capacity. Of these two strollers, I’m happy to say the 3-wheel single stroller was sent to another league for a short period of time, but is currently back and makes a regular appearance. The umbrella stroller has also been sent to the minors.

With the recent addition of ‘baby J’ (our third son), a new player is on loan from another team, a universal fit stroller, which holds most bucket seats. This is a utility player that has been useful for a very short period of time. Currently residing in the shed waiting to be returned to the previous team.

The double stroller lineup

Having our second child meant the single strollers would not do. We had success with the 3-wheel single so it made logical sense to add its bigger brother to the lineup. This stroller played well for us most of the year, but struggled a lot in the winter. Much to my chagrin, it was evident that bigger wheels were a necessity as the weight of 2 and small wheels just couldn’t cut it in the snow. Currently, this player is on loan to another team, as we upgraded not once, but two more times.

Baby strollers are a lot like members of a sports team. They all have their roles (I know, a great pun).

A glimmer of hope came when a new player was available on clearance. We snatched up a bright yellow double jogging stroller. Inflatable tires and a rain/wind cover were included – you can’t get better than that at 50% off! I could actually run with this jogging stroller and am proud to say I have completed three 10K races to date, with the two oldest kids in tow. Alas, the new player, while great for the long straight roads, it lacked the nimbleness needed for a routine nightly walk with lots of turns. Today this mighty player is also in the minors waiting for its chance to shine again.

The most important thing that I have learned in our search for the ultimate stroller is to borrow and share with your friends.

Next to the roster, a hybrid of sorts, a 4-wheel stroller that can carry two kids, that is compatible with a baby’s bucket, inflatable tires, and mobile front wheels. We have a winner! For now anyway.

The moral of this story is simple; baby strollers are a lot like members of a sports team. They all have their roles (I know, a great pun). The most important thing that I have learned in our search for the ultimate stroller is to borrow and share with your friends.

The garage is getting full so if you are looking for a stroller let me know, I’m happy to sell you one or give it away.


Quick Tips:

  • Make sure you do your research and try out different strollers

  • Fixed wheels are good for trails but they lack the necessary mobility for walks around the block

  • Borrow and share with friends or family

  • If you are done with it, sell it or donate it

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