Plan What To Cook For Dinner In Advance, and 4 Other Tips For Grocery Shopping Success

Plan What To Cook For Dinner In Advance, and 4 Other Tips For Grocery Shopping Success

Plan What To Cook For Dinner In Advance, and 4 Other Tips For Grocery Shopping Success


Many parents find it challenging to juggle being a working mom or dad, taking care of the kids AND putting healthy meals on the table, night after night. Planning what to cook for dinner after work is such a stress and not time-efficient. Shopping efficiently not only has a financial impact on your family but it will also determine your ability to put nutritious meals on the table.


Here are 5 tips for grocery shopping success:

Have a list

Shopping without a list often fills your cart with foods you did not need and you will likely end up forgetting some of the items you came in for. Planning your weekly menu in advance is a great way to ensure success in getting family meals on the table. Build your shopping list out of that weekly meal plan and you will have all of the essential ingredients on hand when it comes time to prepare meals.


Don’t stick only to your list

Shopping lists can be a useful tool but look up from that list every once in a while. If you see something on special, something in season or something new, try it! It is important to introduce variety to prevent getting into a food rut with your family meals.


Shop the perimeter?

It used to be the case that all of the staples such as fresh produce, dairy, eggs and bread would be found around the perimeter of the store. Not the case for all supermarkets anymore. My local supermarket, for example, has all of its fresh produce in the centre of the store. The point, however, is to focus on filling your cart with fresh ingredients and whole foods vs. packaged/processed/shelf-stable foods.


Buy in bulk

Buying foods such as whole grains, flour, nuts and seeds, dried fruit or dried beans and lentils in bulk, will save you money, time (since you will not need to buy them as often) and also limit packaging waste.


Fresh produce delivery services

Take advantage of this convenient service and ensure an endless supply of fresh fruits and vegetables in your fridge.



Quick Tips:

  • Plan meals ahead of time

  • Try new ingredients

  • Shop sales

  • Pick fresh foods more often


Plan some healthy dinner meals this week

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