8 Simple Swimming Safety Tips

8 Simple Swimming Safety Tips

8 Tips for Swimming Safety


Swiming safety for kids is imperative for any time of year.

Here are some simple and important swimming safety tips to ensure your kids stay safe this summer in the water.


Swimming Safety – Top 10

1. Never let your child swim alone!

2. Ensure home pools are gated and have automatic safety locks to prevent curious children from sneaking in

3. Sun safety is key when in water. Water actually reflects sun back and can lead to sun damage quickly.

4. Start your child in a learn-to-swim program when he or she is young. This will ensure confidence in the water from an early age.

5. At the beach ensure a lifeguard is nearby and watching for dangerous waters

6. Ensure your children wear a well-fitted lifejacket when on open water

7. When on a boat ensure the driver is trained, certified and has had ZERO alcohol or drugs that may impair judgment.

8. Don’t let your child dive in areas that may be too shallow. Depth should be assessed by an adult first.


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