The Best Cream For Eczema Relief And How To Speed Healing

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The Best Cream For Eczema Relief And How To Speed Healing

Eczema is a skin condition that can appear in adults and children on any parts of the body. It creates inflamed skin patches, which can be dry, rough, itchy and can sometimes burn. Often times, people who work closely with chemicals, or an increased amount of water (like hairstylists, doctors and nurses) can develop eczema. In addition, eczema can also be genetic. If your parents have eczema or your siblings do, your chance is higher too.

When I first became a hairstylist 9 years ago, I was shocked to see that I developed eczema on my hands. I experienced first hand the extreme discomfort, inflamed appearance and how seasonally it appeared worse then others. Knowing your triggers can play a huge part in tackling eczema. Triggers include time of the year, allergens, activities, etc.

Wrap them up

If like me, your eczema flares up from time to time, and may bleed with extreme water contact, consider wearing NON-LATEX gloves before water contact. Latex has become a big allergen to many, and may actually make your eczema worse.

Best cream for eczema? A barrier

Using creams with a barrier to water will help the product to stay on longer, and coat your hands/body.

Avoid allergies

Keep a log book if need be, to help you and your dermatologist identify potential allergies!

Avoid makeup and fragrance

If you have an inflamed area, or an open patch avoid any harsh substances that can cause further irritation.

Loosen up

If you have an extreme eczema flare up, do not wear clothing that will rub against your irritated skin.

Winter help

Prior to leaving your home on a cold winter day, consider applying your cream prior to your gloves to promote maximum moisture and protection.

Get sun

Studies show that natural Vitamin D can help some eczema sufferers. One big thing to remember when you are exposing your skin to the beautiful sun with any flare ups present, is that sweat can actually be a trigger to eczema. Play close attention on how your skin responds to the sun, and keep it dry. And obviously, don’t burn!

Don’t give up!

It may take time to identify your triggers, allergies and find the best methods for treating your eczema, but I promise you will find something that helps make you feel comfortable and confident!



Aveeno EczemaCare. It’s protective barrier keeps my hands moisturized with a protective barrier to allow me carry on with my day with ease. I apply it in the morning and evening for maximum results!


Quick Tips:

  • Use the best cream for eczema

  • Avoid allergens, makeup and fragrance

  • Protect especially in the winter

  • Don’t give up

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