Five Reasons to Do-Re-Mi with Baby – Why Baby Music Is So Important

Five Reasons to Do-Re-Mi with Baby – Why Baby Music Is So Important

Five Reasons to Do-Re-Mi with Baby – Why Baby Music Is So Important


Do you love music? If the answer is yes, I urge you to belt out your favourite tune. It’s not only good for your mood, but there are numerous advantages of baby music for your children too!


As a new mom, I wanted to expose my baby to many of the things I love in his first year – books and music just to name a few. There are endless baby programs and classes to choose from, yet I decided to seek out ones that involve song. My hope: to instil a life-long love of music, help in his growth and development, and most importantly – have a lot of fun together!


There are endless benefits for babies to introduce them to music at a young age. Whether it is nursery rhymes for babies or baby sleep music, music is so great for our children. For some back-up, I decided to consult the experts who have been rocking it out with bambinos for years. Lisa Sonshine and Brock Burford – known by their adoring fans as Sonshine & Broccoli – have provided their summary in song. Check out this VLOG. I promise you’ll be swaying along to the catchy tunes in no time.

Here is one of our baby music videos!


For all you visual learners out there, here is Sonshine & Broccoli’s short-list of reasons to add music to the baby mix:

Bonding Time

Whether you go to a mommy and baby group or share your favorite music with your child at home, it’s a special bonding time between parent and child.


Memory Skills

Through repetition in song, music helps build cognitive skills and the development of memory.



While bobbing along to the beats, music helps boost self-esteem and allows children to gain confidence.


Soothing and Energizing

Music can be very soothing to babies. Lullabies and soft music can calm them, while rock and roll rhythms can make them feel excited.


And it’s fun

Likely the most important reason of all. Seeing our little ones smiling and happy makes the experience memorable and worthwhile for all!



Quick Tips:

  • Expose your child to music

  • Bond with your child through music

  • Rock out, like no one is watching! (your baby won’t tell anyone!)


Speaking of speech – how can you foster your child’s speech development?

Check out our developmental milestones chart to see where your child is at.

Want some ideas for outside games for kids?






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