How to Keep Your Child’s Feet Safe and Dry While Trick-or-Treating

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Tips For Keeping Feet Safe and Dry While Trick-or-Treating

October is one of my favourite times of the year. Not only does the weather start to cool down (I am not a fan of the heat), kids are back to school and back to routine, but the greatest holiday of all happens in October: Halloween!

My mother used to give me two choices on those cool October 31 evenings: I could either wear my jacket over or under my costume.  Either way I was wearing a jacket. I hated both options. One of them meant covering up my costume completely and no one could see the totally rad costume I came up with (it was the 80s after all when I went out). The other option meant that no matter what I dressed up as, I always looked like the Stay Puft Marshmallow version of it.

When it comes to our feet, the shoes also can be a part of the whole ensemble, but much like a coat for warmth, it is more important to make sure that safety and comfort come first. Although Halloween is lots of fun, we have to take care to make it a safe holiday and that all our little trick-or-treaters come home safe and with healthy feet.

I thought I’d take this month to go over some foot care tips before all the ghouls and goblins come out!


Always Make Sure Your Children’s Shoes Are The Right Size

It can be tempting to pull out those shoes at the back of the closet that are just a little too snug (or too big) this year because they would be the ideal shoes for their costume, but there is a lot of walking on Halloween, so making sure their shoes fit them properly like we would on any other day is important.

When they are standing in their shoes there should be only a half a thumb’s width between their longest toe and the end of the shoe.  If you’re not sure, cut out a weight bearing tracing of their feet and slide that in the shoe.  Use your hand to feel for the room at the end of the toes.


Running Shoes Help Keep Feet Safe and Dry While Trick-or-Treating

This might be a little harder for some of the older children if it doesn’t “go” with their costume, but remember my mom and the jacket? They can either wear proper, supportive shoes or they can stay home and hand out candy in their dress shoes. Choice is theirs.

I know that there will be a lot of princesses around my neighborhood (my daughter wants to be Cinderella), but even princesses should wear runners. Those little kid high heels should be avoided. Again, there is a lot of walking, up and down stairs to houses, curbs, sidewalks, and uneven ground (if they are cutting across lawns), so safety must come first.


Ensure Kids’ Toenails Are Trimmed

If those nails start to get a little too long, they can start to rub against the side of the toe beside it while they are walking and it can cause a sore to develop. Socks are also an important thing to make sure they wear in their shoes to prevent sores and blisters from developing.


Check the length of their costume. 

If they are too long, they can become a major tripping hazard. So make sure that you check the length of all those costumes and hem accordingly.

Shoes are also a great place to put reflectors on so cars can easily see your child.


Make sure that their feet stay dry. 

It always seems to rain on Halloween, so if it does again this year, be prepared. Feet that are kept moist can lead to different types of infections like athlete’s foot, plantar’s warts, and more. So, if it’s a rainy day (and you are still taking them door to door) make sure they have waterproof rain boots on.

If you forget, or their feet still get wet (any puddle jumpers out there?), take off their shoes and socks as soon as they get home. Put nice warm and dry socks on their feet before your sort their candy, then toss their runners in the dryer so they are ready for the next day.


Keep those feet safe and dry while Trick-or-Treating and have a Happy Halloween!!

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