I Am Addicted… To Strollers – My Stroller Addiction

I Am Addicted… To Strollers – My Stroller Addiction

I Am Addicted…To Strollers – My Stroller Addiction


I have a confession to make to all of you — I am a collector of strollers. It started pretty innocently. When Dyl was born we bought a travel system, our car seat snaps into the stroller and the base lives in the car. It was so great we actually walked Dyl home from the hospital with it (luckily we lived around the corner!). But over time we realized the stroller was big and it took up valuable real estate in our trunk. Thus, began the collection.


When we went for a family vacation, the stroller was too big to travel with so we decided to get a smaller umbrella stroller that we could check it in at the fate and it would take up less room in our trunk. It was really good but sometimes I found myself kicking it when I was walking. So I went back to the original stroller, but compared to the umbrella I found it too big and clunky. So I got something in between the umbrella stroller and the one I had with the travel system. To this day it is still one of my favorites. This brought the child count to one with a stroller count of three.


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