Home Safety Tips For Your Kids

Home Safety Tips For Your Kids

Home Safety Tips For Your Kids


As parents, we all look forward to our children reaching milestones, it makes us realize just how quickly they grow. Many of us focus on the baby milestones chart as we watch them grow. Crawling is a huge milestone. It starts with baby getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth, trying to will his arms and legs to go forward. Army crawling and scooting on their bum are my personal favourites.


Mobile babies are FAST and can get into all sorts of trouble. We recommend starting the basics of baby proofing once you see the early signs of crawling.


When conducting Home Safety Consultations, we look at all aspects of safety in the home, a few of our “Must Haves” for every home are:



  • Gates on the tops and bottoms of stairs are a MUST.
  • Children lack the ability to sense danger, and find stairs, a great adventure.
  • Look for metal gates that mount into the wall/post railings. There are several ways to safely secure the gate, and not cause a great deal of damage.


Cabinet locks

  • Cabinets where you store chemicals, medications or breakable items should be locked with magnetic locks.
  • This way, you do not have to remember to relock the cabinet once you are done, it will lock automatically.



  • Remember to tether TVs and any furniture that could tip if a curious child tries to climb it.
  • Children are injured and killed every year for furniture/TVs falling on them.
  • Securing them to the wall with a heavy-duty strap is the best way to tether.



  • Sliding electrical outlet covers and push in caps are the easiest way to protect your LO from electrocution.
  • Power bar covers and wire control will keep curious hands away from danger.


This is a very basic list, most homes do require more baby-proofing, including changing basic habits, like where you empty the change out of your pockets. Get down on the ground, to the same level as your little one and see what they see. This will give you an idea of where to start.



Quick Tips:

  • Baby proof before your baby is curious enough to get into trouble

  • Consider a home safety consultation

  • Get on the ground to see what dangers are around!


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Sharalyn, co-owner of The Car Seat Maven, is a Children’s Restraint Systems Technician-Instructor, certified by CPSAC. She has taken additional training in transport of children with special health care needs and works closely with the POM community.

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