EBOLA – Coming to Canada???

EBOLA – Coming to Canada???

EBOLA – Coming to Canada???


Fear over Ebola and potential for spread to North America is growing. This is the first Ebola outbreak in West Africa and involves the most deadly strain of the Ebola virus to date.


Here is what you need to know about the Ebola outbreak as it stands now:


Where are the cases of Ebola?

Liberia, Nigeria, Guinea, Senegal and Sierra Leone. There is one confirmed case in the United States (as of Oct 1, 2014), a traveller to West Africa.


How many people have been infected?

The World Health Organization has confirmed upwards of 3500 deaths and 7500 cases, though there are likely many more unaccounted for. It is the largest outbreak of the disease in terms of cases, deaths and geographical reach. Hundreds of aid workers have died in Africa to date after contracting Ebola from infected patients.


Why are so many people affected?

There is no vaccine for Ebola, and the only way to prevent its spread is by isolating infected individuals. With ever increasing travel within Africa and internationally, outbreaks can be more widespread.


Could Ebola come to Canada or the United States?

The United States has seen their first Ebola patient, a man who visited West Africa and was infected. 50 people who he came in contact with since his arrival in the US are being monitored in case they demonstrate signs of the illness. They are in quarantine


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