15 DIY Kids Halloween Costumes

15 DIY Kids Halloween Costumes

15 Great DIY Costumes For Kids

Halloween is the exciting time of year when you get to express your inner child. So, when you have kids, it gets that much better – you get to dress them up too! There will come a time when they insert themselves into the costume selection process, but until then, we thought we’d share the cutest kids costumes we’ve seen. Here are 15 DIY Kids Halloween costumes we just love.

1. Bubble Bath

2. Carl from Up

3. Little Old Lady

4. Toy Soldier: Camille Styles

5. Donut

6. Starbucks Frap

7. Pineapple

8. Anna Wintor

9. Dino Tail

10. Paper Doll: pottery barn kids

11. Swan

12. Curious George

13. Robot

14. Alice in Wonderland

15. Fox 


Moms, Dads, Kids .. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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