Sleep Guide for New Moms, Part III

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Why Can’t I Sleep?

Sleep Guide for New Moms – Part III


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As a new mom, you may not have the time or energy to evaluate and modify your sleep habits, but sometimes small changes can make a big difference… especially when it comes to sleep.

If you’re asking yourself ‘why can’t I sleep?’ check out the following suggestions that are designed with a new mom in mind.


Switch into your pajamas

Inevitably, someone is going to ask what to get for you or the baby. If you are already swimming in receiving blankets and onesies, don’t be afraid to make a request for yourself! A new pair of lightweight and breathable pajamas (with easy access for breastfeeding if you are planning to do so) is a nice addition to your sleep space. Kick those maternity pajamas or yoga pants out of your bed!


Create a Scent Free Environment

Even if you aren’t sensitive to scents during the day, you may want to consider creating a scent free environment in your bedroom to avoid distractions at night while you try to sleep. Use the exhaust fan, shut your bedroom door when you are cooking and look for personal care products, including laundry detergents that are scent free.


Add Flowers to your Bedroom

Did you receive flowers after the birth of your child? Put those flowers in your bedroom! Fresh flowers can positively impact your mood. Ending your day on a positive note may help you sleep better. If you aren’t a fan of fresh cut flowers, you could opt to add a potted plant to your bedroom instead to help boost your mood and add some oxygen to your space.


Say Yes to Offers of Help

The arrival of a new baby usually coincides with offers to help. Don’t be shy about saying yes. An extra hand around the house means you can spend less energy on laundry, groceries or other errands, and more time resting or sneaking in some extra cuddles with the newest addition to your family.


Quick Tips:

  • Get awesome pjs

  • Get rid of smells

  • Flower-power

  • Get help!


Want tricks to learn how to put a baby to sleep?

or read why do babies fight sleep? and when do babies sleep through the night?

Rebecca Earl

Written By: Rebecca Earl

Rebecca is an infant and child sleep consultant and founder of The Sugar Plum Sleep Co. She is an only child (because she never slept as an infant), a mother of two young boys and an HGTV addict.

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