Ways to show our children how much we love them

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How to Show Children How Much You Love Them

I am often thinking of new ways to celebrate my kids through new routines and I welcome new ideas!

Here are my ways to show our children how much we love them:

•    Write a note to your child – the old ‘note in the lunch box’ thing never gets old (at least, for parents).

•    Make dates with your kids individually, with either or both parents. Your child will love it! My older son and I go to spinning/yoga together every Saturday – we both love that time.

•    Have family nights, and declare it a NO DISTRACTION ZONE – no smartphones, meetings or phone calls.

•    Display love and compassion for your partner. It is invaluable for your children to see your affection, as they will imitate it in future relationships. I still remember fondly my parent’s stolen kisses when they thought I wasn’t looking.

•     Hug them, often. A tight, unexpected hug is delicious.

•     Color with your child. You can learn a lot about what is going on with them.

Doctor Dina Health Advice for Kids- speech therapy for kids•     Read with your kids. Cuddle and read whatever they want.

•    Catch your children with an unexpected smile. Then keep smiling till you get one back.

•     Invite some friends over to play their favorite game.

•     Look at old pictures or watch videos of your kids as babies and small children.

•     Talk with them, eye-to-eye, with no distractions for as long as they want.

•     Be patient. There’s no need to rush life. Soon enough, your kids will be adults.

•     Surprise them with their favorite meal or toy…just because.

•    Get involved in their lives. Learn what they like – friends, toys, music, food. Share their loves and they’ll share yours.

•    Discuss their feelings, openly and daily. They will likely be more comfortable coming to you for advice.

•    Ask your child for their counsel on something. Show them that their input and suggestions are valuable to you.

Dr Dina Kulik, Kids Health Blog - kids cholesterol•    Celebrate and encourage your child in what they excel at, even if you would rather they focused on other activities.

•    Save important pictures, awards, schoolwork and milestones. I love looking back at this stuff from childhood, and it means so much to me that my parents kept my treasures.

•     Let them see your failures and successes and how you deal with both.

•     Let them also see you apologize and admit when you’ve been wrong.

•     Be their best friend sometimes, and their parent always.

•     Find things you both love to do, and do them together…often.

•     Be consistent in your parenting, but flexible.

•     Praise good behavior and you will see more of it.

•     Keep a journal. I use the 1-Line-A-Day Journal to keep brief notes about my

family’s day. When your kids are grown, they can share your notes with their children.

Dr Dina Kulik, Kids Health Blog - show our children how much we love them

Dr. Dina Kulik, MD, FRCPC, PEM

Written By: Dr. Dina Kulik, MD, FRCPC, PEM

Dina is a wife, mother of 4, and adrenaline junky. She loves to share children’s health information from her professional and personal experience. More About Dr Dina.

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