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Sore Feet In Kids – Do Not Ignore This


Sore Feet are common but should never be ignored.

Staying active as a family is a great way to insure that you are giving your kids the building blocks for living an active lifestyle that will sustain them for the rest of their lives. Active families are happy, healthy families BUT there are some precautions that you need to be sure to be mindful of.

Dr Dina Kulik, Kids Health Blog - sore feet

Some children complain when you push them to get outside and be active. In many cases the complaints are not due to illness or injury, but if your child is complaining of foot pain, pain in heel or pain in toes these sore feet complaints may be very valid.

Sore feet should always be addressed, or at least looked into a little further.

Dr Dina Kulik, Kids Health Blog - sore feet

Sore Feet

There is no such thing as “growing pains” with respect to sore feet. A lot of parents mistakenly relegate the complaints of foot pain to normal growth spurts. The reality is feet that are growing do not usually hurt.

Complaints of pain in heel, pain in toes and foot pain in general can mean that there are a few different things going on.

Sore feet can be caused by some common problems that may require a visit to the doctor:

Dr Dina Kulik, Kids Health Blog - sore feet

Typically flat feet do not cause sore feet but in some cases they can. A quick evaluation by the pediatrician can help to determine if your child’s foot pain is due to a Pediatric Flatfoot syndrome. Severs Disease is a little more serious and painful. It involves the heel of the foot and the growth plate. It can be very painful and should be addressed by a pediatrician who can refer you to a pediatric podiatrist.

Warts can form anywhere on the foot but most commonly form on the plantar surface (bottom of the foot) and cause difficulty walking. Plantar warts are just like warts that form on other parts of the body but they typically go pretty deep and can cause sore feet when walking or even standing.

Ingrown toenails can also be the culprit behind foot pain complaints. The toenail grows into the skin on the side of the toe causing inflammation and pain. Cutting the toenails straight across can help to avoid ingrown toenails but once they are ingrown you should take your child to see their pediatrician to avoid the potential for infection.

Your child’s feet will carry them through life, starting off on the right foot is very important so if they are complaining about sore feet have them checked out!


Dr Dina’s Take Aways

  1. Do not Ignore Your Childs Sore Feet
  2. Check for Ingrown Toenails
  3. Check for Warts or Infection

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