Homemade Healthy Electrolyte Drinks – Rehydrate Naturally

Homemade Healthy Electrolyte Drinks – Rehydrate Naturally

Homemade Healthy Electrolyte Drinks – Rehydrate Naturally


If your child is sick and needs rehydration, your child may need an electrolyte drink. Before you reach for a Gatorade-“esque” sports drink, why not consider making your own.


What are electrolytes?


Electrolytes are simply mineral salts dissolved in the body’s fluid. They include: sodium, potassium, chloride and magnesium and they help regulate the fluid balance in the body. Electrolyte drinks can help rehydrate the body.


What is the best drink to replenish the electrolyte concentration in the body?


Although it may seem convenient to run to the closest convenient store to grab a sports drink, after taking a closer look at the ingredients you many choose to make your own instead. While all electrolyte drinks contain sugar and carbohydrates to speed up absorption and provide additional energy, electrolyte drinks like Gatorade contain artificial colours, artificial flavours, and chemically treated, refined, genetically modified sugar. A child with an already weakened immune system does not need additional chemicals.


Making your own electrolyte drink


Making a homemade electrolyte drink is simple and has real health benefits. All you need are some liquid minerals (which stay fresh in the fridge for a long time), some water, and some raw honey or organic cane sugar. My favourite liquid minerals are Complete Life from Quench Essentials as they are pure minerals with nothing added.


Another great alternative electrolyte drink is coconut water. The balance of electrolytes in coconut water mimics your bloods electrolyte balance. Thus, coconut water is one of the best ways to rehydrate the body. If you don’t love the taste, you can add some fresh fruit juice to make it as delicious as it is hydrating.


Rehydrate your children naturally.

Have you tried a Smoothie lately?


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