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Homemade Gifts For Mom This Mother’s Day – Footprint Art

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Homemade Gifts For Mom This Mother’s Day – Footprint Art

What day is mothers day? MAY 10! Around the corner!

I think we can all agree that we love to hear that pitter-patter of little feet. Those little feet can arguably be the cutest part of our special little ones. Since Mother’s Day is fast approaching, how about making those cute little piggies into some memorable art for mom? I’m going to share with you some ways you can have a lasting keepsake as well as gift for mom she’ll cherish.

Here are some ways you can make homemade foot print art gifts for mom:

  • Using non-toxic child safe paint, gently paint the bottom surface of your child’s foot from heel to toes.
  • Place the paper you wish to transfer the footprint onto against a hard surface.
  • If your child is old enough to help out, have them stand on the paper lightly, but if they require more assistance, try placing the paper on a book and push their foot against the paper while seated or lying down.
  • You should have a perfect footprint to always remember those little feet.

Fun Shapes

Making shapes with the footprints isn’t hard.

Heart Shape

  • Try placing the left foot on an outward angle towards the left when transferring the print to paper.
  • Then when it’s the right foot’s turn, place it on an outward angle towards the right.
  • Make sure that you overlap the heels of each foot in the same spot to complete your heart.
  • You can also use this same technique to make the letter “V” and use it to spell the word “love”.


  • This time, when transferring the footprint to paper, start with the right foot on the left side of the paper.
  • Next, place the left footprint on the right side of the paper beside the right footprint.
  • The shape of the foot with the heels and the toes will make the wings of the butterfly.
  • Align the outside of each foot’s edge side by side but make sure to leave a little space in between to two prints to make a body for your butterfly.

Other fun shapes to make for mom with footprints:

  • Place yellow footprints around a yellow circle
  • Draw flower stems from brightly colours individual footprints
  • Anything else you or your child’s imagination can think of!
  • I bet you never thought feet could do so many wonderful things!


Quick Tips:

  • Want to get more creative that paper? Try a canvas!

  • Have the image printed on a mug, a mousepad, or a T-shirt.

  • Paint the foot with different colours before transferring. Stripes will make a rainbow print.

  • Two kids? Make a heart with the older kid’s feet first. Once dry, make a heart with the younger child’s feet inside the first heart for a double footprint.

  • Make a few different butterflies and cut them out to make a nice mobile for mom.

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Jana Charyk

Written By: Jana Charyk

Jana is a registered Chiropodist. She owns and operates Ajax Foot Clinic in Durham Region. She treats foot conditions and offers foot care to people of all ages. Jana is a wife and a mother of two.

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