Keep the Whole Family Active this Winter

Keep the Whole Family Active this Winter

It’s important to keep the family active even when the temperatures are cold outside. Here’s some ideas to keep you  moving!

The time of year when we all tend to hibernate and stay indoors is almost upon us. Motivation for leaving the house tends to decrease– you leave for work and it’s dark, get home from work and it’s dark. And if you are anything like me jogging in temperatures below zero just isn’t happening!   Here are some ideas on how to keep the whole family active this winter.

For the adults:

  • Consider the activities you enjoy doing and figure out how to bring them indoors.
  • Do more classes at local gyms – mix up the classes you do to keep it interesting.
  • If you are a cyclist buy an indoor trainer – my husband got one so now he can bike all winter at home.
  • Find a great DVD or online workout.

For the kids:

  • Make a hopscotch on the floor I did this last March break when it was cold and we needed something to do – so simple and my daughter has asked for it numerous times since!
  • Make an obstacle course around the house.
  • Do a little 7-minute workout video you can find on YouTube. When I am crushed for time I do them and my daughter will do them along with me.
  • Older kids could do a whole little workout with you or many video games have the active workout components now as well.
  • If you are going to get out of the house check out an indoor gym, trampoline, ball and rock climbing facilities.

Get the whole family active outside:

I am a huge lover of the outdoors, and actually really enjoy winter, so I suggest finding something the whole family enjoys and make it a weekly event. In our family we ski so every Saturday we are out on the slopes.  We look forward to it all week and miss it when it is over. Not skiers – there is skating, tobogganing, snowshoeing or even just a nice winter walk. It doesn’t matter what you do – just get moving!

I strongly encourage getting outside – it is energizing and makes you enjoy the winter rather than wishing it away. It gets cold, so embrace it rather than counting down until its end. You will be better for it!


Quick Tips:

  • Find exercise you love to stay motivated
  • Get the kids active everyday inside or out
  • Pick up a winter activity that the whole family can enjoy together



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Allison Madigan, DHN

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