Canada Day Ideas For An Active Day

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Canada Day Ideas For An Active Day

Canada Day is today and little ones always like to celebrate!  It’s a great opportunity to enjoy some quality family time during the week and get the kids moving!

Here are a few ideas of what you can do to enjoy the day, including a few of the events going on in Toronto.

Go to a park

  • Head down to one of the waterfront or park locations around your city
  • Walk, bike, play ball and have a picnic

Capture the flag

  • Using a Canadian flag or red for one team and white for the other.
  • This can even be done in the backyard, kids just having fun running and trying to get past the other team to find the hidden flag

Family scavenger hunts

  • Many cities are having family scavenger hunts, local food shows and nature play, like at Evergreen Brickworks, in Toronto (one of our favorite places to go in the city for some outdoor fun).
  • Also a great place to take a picnic , play and go for a hike.

If you live in Toronto

“Canada Day Extravaganza”

  • If you live in Toronto, Harborfront Center is having a from June 27 – July 1st (ending with a fireworks show on the 1st)
  • Mel Lastman Square is having face painting, music, circus and fireworks on July 1st.
  • Queen’s Park is hosting a day of music, rocket making, face painting and midway rides


Happy Canada Day everyone!

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