6 Steps to Happiness and Balance

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6 Little Steps That Will Lead to Happiness and Balance

My focus on Happiness and Balance began in 2015. The year was a rollercoaster. It started on a high, a new adventure with the launch of my site KetchupMoms, and then I ran into a wall. A sudden death in the family, another long-term sickness, and it brought out all my long-suppressed emotions and fears.

My husband and I moved to Canada more than 12 years ago and it was the start of an exciting new chapter in our lives. Now with two little ones our life here in the True North has been a lovely adventure but at the same time tough. Growing up in India I was close to aunts, uncles and cousins and there was always another shoulder to share the burden. Since we moved to Canada those same shoulders are a continent away and it’s a challenge to remain as connected. That’s why this year I’ve made myself some promises for the future that will bring me closer to happiness and balance.

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I will enjoy time with my family

I will enjoy time with my family. It struck me recently I was the functional parent. I always thought I would be the fun mom but as it turned out I am the one who checks all the boxes, makes appointments and then keeps them, packs lunches and then composts the leftovers in the evening. So when it comes to Monopoly at the end of the day, I love that my husband picks up the slack while I hide out. This year though I’ve decided I will be the first to play.


I will revel in silly humour

I will revel in silly humour. When I am stressed out my sense of the ridiculous is the first to go. In the morning hustle before school, I don’t always see the funny in giving my 10 year old’s pants to my 5 year old as she’s getting dressed! My little one finds this laugh-out-loud hilarious every time. I promise I will too.


I will be more social

I will be more social. I am a closet introvert. I know it sounds ridiculous but while I love to meet new people and try out new experiences, when I’m stressed I want to be left alone with my checklist and misery. That’s not how it’s going to be in 2016. I will find ways to find my balance without retreating into “I can do this, I don’t need anyone!” shell.


I will be active

I will be active. Being active is a big stress buster. I know all the research points to this as life’s biggest truth but I came late onto this bandwagon. For years being active is what I connected with looking good. I recently found that it is also my biggest tool in feeling good. There’s no bigger argument in favour of being active. Period.


I will stop feeling guilty

I will stop feeling so darn guilty all the time. The list is endless. As a daughter living away from my parents and not being able to help them through their daily highs and lows. As a mother when I look up from my computer and I see one of my kids trying to catch my attention. This year I will get my overactive guilty conscience to chill a little. I wish…I should…awful, evil phrases that are the reason you and I are awake at 2 am.


I will be true to myself

I will be true to myself. Turning 40 last year wasn’t that big of a deal, I had other stuff to think about. It did strike me though that even at this ripe old age of maturity I was still trying too hard to be agreeable. Perhaps it is my conservative upbringing in India, perhaps it’s just how I am, whatever the reason it’s time I spoke up and allowed myself to reach for what I want.

Health Blog - happiness-and-balance

Time is fleeting

Our lives are rushing through experiences that deserve a pause and a deep breath.

If we don’t take a moment to laugh, sweat, play, and find ourselves, that’s just our loss, isn’t it?

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