SPRING CLEANING…. Your Beauty Regimen!

SPRING CLEANING…. Your Beauty Regimen!

SPRING CLEANING…. Your Beauty Regimen!


Spring is a fabulous time to cleanse and refresh your home, environment and lifestyle. Whether you start a new workout routine to get active and re energized, or pack away your winter attire to make way for lighter, brighter seasons ahead-there are so ways to declutter and welcome Spring!



We all have that one drawer or cupboard where we stash beauty products we have tried once and forgot all about! Go through your beauty/hair products to ensure you are using the products appropriate for your desired look and skin/hair type. Ensure all products have not expired, and are useful for the appropriate season too! Discard or give away any product you no longer require, making way for a simplified beauty regiment and organized bathroom space!



There is something so refreshing about Spring which promotes rejuvenation! Whether you go for a bold brighter lip color or a fresh spring nail polish color, try something new for a fresh Spring look!



Statistics shows that bright colors promote better moods! Ditch the heavy winter boots, and parkas and opt for bright colors in your Spring wardrobe! Challenge yourself to rid the winter blues by adding a touch of color to your outfit each day!



Re evaluate your skin regiment to prepare for a joyous Spring and Summer season! Fall and Winter are perfect times to restore and revitalize your skin by using products that hydrate and protect against the cold. While Spring is a great time to incorporate lighter products to give you ample moisturization with a healthy glow! Adding a skin serum prior to any face cream can go a long way for achieving a fresh face glow! My favorite is Vitamin E Serum from The Body Shop. (Always ensure the products you use on your skin are appropriate for your skin type.)



Go through your clothing and donate anything you have not worn in the last 6 months, or in the prior season. Distinguish your staple clothing items, and favorite accessories to inspire your best Spring fashion look! SPRING 2015 FASHION TIP: The brighter the hand bag, the better!


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