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Juggling Sleep for More than One – Sleep Techniques 

You’ve heard the saying… “If only you could have had your second child, first.”

Without a doubt we are more knowledgeable and confident as parents the second time around – what’s changing another poopy diaper?

But the reality is no two children are alike and balancing more than one is definitely more of a handful – especially if you’re sleep deprived.

How quickly one forgets or does the opposite and over-thinks the situation?

What did I do with Ben when he couldn’t calm himself? But then the pacifier doesn’t work for Ella.


Tina never wanted to be swaddled, why would I swaddle Ian?

More sleepless nights wrack up and chasing after a tireless toddler has Mom and Dad calling out for some help and much needed Zzzzz’s.

I’ve been extremely busy these days. Whether it’s working with the latest addition to a growing family or revisiting that negotiating toddler trying to get some attention from tired Mom, it’s become apparent to me that parents of two, three even four… need some help.

I’ve prepared my top five tips for juggling sleep for all members of your family at once – from the eight-month old baby to the three-year old toddler, these stories and sleep techniques will help shush your chaotic household to develop health sleep.


1) What works for one, may not work for the next.

Every child is different. But the general yet effective 5 S’s are great especially for baby #2 and with the addition of white noise. These tools will get parents extra time and sleep.

2) The wrong kind of constant ‘shushing’.

Worrying about one child waking the other and nagging your older child to ‘be quiet’ is not necessary. It turns evening into a negative for the big brother or sister and makes it stressful for you. Keep in mind many children share rooms growing up. The white noise machine is a great option. You will also be surprised that even if one sibling wakes another, with healthy sleep habits, he will be able to put himself back to sleep.

3) One long evening.

Trying to balance putting two kids to sleep at night is not easy, especially if you’re the only parent on duty. Try putting your youngest down first allowing for some quality time with mom or dad before the older one goes to sleep. Make sure though you do give time for you and your partner to have some quality time before your own bedtime.

4) How is it possible that BOTH my children don’t sleep?

Start fixing the younger one’s issue first especially if the older one was previously a great sleeper. Sometimes when the older one sees the little one getting attention at night they wake to get attention too.

5) Consistency is the key.

Daytime naps are key. Everyone needs a break and to rest… even during the day. Try to schedule both to take a nap at the same time allowing mom to have a break or even a nap too.

Read more on how much sleep your child needs and safe sleep for babies.

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Tracey specializes in helping babies, toddlers and children sleep. Tracey is a Birth & Postpartum Doula, and Trainer. She is also a Childbirth Educator and is a Happiest Baby Instructor.
Working in the trenches, providing in home support to thousands of families over the 13 years, Tracey has seen it all & knows there's never a 'one size fits all' solution.
Tracey has been featured on Breakfast Television, Global Morning Show, CHCH Morning Live, CTV News, CBC and in Today's Parent, Canadian Family, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Marilyn Dennis, and many more .

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