[2] Hygiene Tips for Using Halloween Makeup


Halloween is a fun time to allow your creativity to shine through in your costume choice. Whether you are dressing up solo, with a group of friends, or with the kiddies, there are many ways to transform in to your costume of choice.

When dressing up, remembering the following health and hygiene tips for using Halloween makeup to stay safe:

  • Never share Halloween makeup! If you are applying makeup to multiple children, ensure you do not use the same applicator around the eyes to help avoid transmitting any infections from one kid to another. Before switching to the next person, spray the surface of the makeup with a little bit of alcohol to ensure it’s been sanitized before moving on to the next person.
  • Always wash off Halloween makeup! Even if they are super tired after trick-or-treating, ensure that all makeup is washed off before bedtime to avoid skin irritation (and staining the pillow cases!).
  • Test for allergies and reactions! If you’re applying a new product to your child’s face for Halloween, avoid a terrible allergic reaction by performing an allergic test patch before the big day. Apply a bit of Halloween makeup behind the ear, and if there is no irritation after 24 hours, there is a good indication your child will be reaction-free.

Looking for a fun and safe face paint brand? Try SNAZAROO FACE PAINT. It’s sold at Michael’s craft store.

Other Costume Safety Tips:

  • Make sure beards, wigs, and hats are not covering your child’s mouth or nose area.
  • Avoid oversize, ill-fitting, or heeled shoes that may cause tripping.
  • If you are purchasing your child’s costume, ensure it is labelled “flame-retardant.” If you are making it (go you!) make sure you are using flame-retardant materials such as polyester, which will help to prevent burns in an emergency.
  • Decorating your yard and front steps is lots of fun, but make sure there is a clear path to the door and remove anything that could be a tripping hazard in the dark (especially hazardous with capes and long skirts!).
  • Be sure to promptly clean and store all costume pieces and props. You never know when this year’s lumberjack’s ax can be re-used to be next year’s ax murder’s prop. If your little ones are growing quickly, consider donating pieces they will grow out of to your local charity.


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