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Oh No! My Child Has a Cavity!

Your child has just done an amazing job at the dentist: opened wide, let the hygienist clean all of the teeth, and even cooperated for x-rays! Just when you thought you were in the clear, you hear the dreaded words: “Your child has a cavity.” You now need to know how to get rid of cavities you didn’t know existed!

How To Get Rid Of Cavities ASAP!

toothThe first thing you might feel is confusion: how could this happen? You think you are doing a good job of deep cleaning teeth. You brush twice a day with a kids electric toothbrush, his diet is OK…well he does drink juice and has the “occasional” treat…then the guilt sets in. While it’s a completely natural feeling, try not to let it overcome you. All parents want the best for their kids and while there are certain things you can control, there are many things that are out of your control, like genetic factors and the bacteria that colonize your child’s mouth. Unfortunately, cavities in children are common. Even if you do everything right, your child may end up with a cavity. So now what?

You book an appointment for your child to come back to have the hole in tooth filled, and then you start to wonder: how is this actually going to happen? How will my child sit through this procedure?

The Battle of Your Child & the Chair

Dr-Dina-Molar-Tooth-1If kids are fairly cooperative and their treatment needs are few, their cavities will most likely be filled while they are awake with some local anesthesia. We take the time to explain the procedure and dental tools to the child in age-appropriate language so that they feel at ease.

Following the procedure, the child will feel numb for about 2-3 hours and may be told not to chew food until the freezing wears off.

While filling a cavity on a child may be challenging, an experienced children’s dentist should be able to get a child through this type of procedure with little contest. For some kids, however, these procedures can feel very invasive. For these children, some form of sedation may be beneficial.

Dr Dina Quick Tips

  • Saliva helps fight cavities, keep your kids hydrated

  • Regular check-ups are key

  • Visually check your kids teeth for early signs of decay

How many baby teeth before you See The Dentist? Just One!

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Lori is a pediatric dentist practicing in Forest Hill and Richmond Hill. She spends much of her time both in practice and in the community, educating parents and caregivers about the importance of maintaining good oral health.

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