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My Top Five Educational Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Here are five educational gift ideas .. and with Mother’s Day fast approaching, loved ones may still be scrambling for an original gift while desperately asking moms what they truly want.

Flowers, clothing and accessories may seem like obvious choices.

My recommendation is to infuse some education into this holiday and re-inforce teachable moments for kids while showering mom with love and affection.

Here are the five educational gift ideas that mom will love:

1) DIY cards, crafts and coupons

Moms love effort and appreciate personalized gifts, artwork and mementos from their children. They will hold on to and cherish these keepsakes forever. My mom recently showed me a coupon book I had made for her as a child with different services for her to redeem. A gift that stands the test of several decades? Now that’s a slam-dunk.

Dr Dina Kulik Kids Health - educational gift ideas

2) Make a donation in her honour

For the mom who has everything, donate to a cause that supports mothers and children, or a charity that is significant to her. Looking for inspiration? UNICEF Canada’s Survival Gifts has many options the directly help children and mothers in need across the globe. For some causes near and dear to my mother’s heart, check out Children’s Aid Foundation and The Corsage Project.


3) Personalized gifts

Have a look at Etsy for a variety of personalized presents. I recently stumbled upon an Elk & Elm Home personalized cutting board that is very unique. Does your mom have a famous family recipe to share and display proudly like a piece of art? If so, this is just the thing to order.


4) Adult Labels

What better way to re-inforce the importance of organization than with Adult Labels from Mabel’s Labels. This is something I recently gave my mother-in-law as family and friends kept taking her Tupperware filled with her delicious food and it was not being returned.

Dr Dina Kulik Kids Health - educational gift ideas

5) Books to enjoy and share

Is there a special book on mom’s wish list? When mothers model their love for reading, this sets a great example for little learners. There are also many special kids’ books that children and mommies can appreciate together. Sentimental classics like Robert Munsch’s Love you Forever, or newer hits that celebrate love like Kiss, Kiss are just a few to consider.


What would you add to the list?

Happy Mother’s Day

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