[2] 5 Ways To Prepare Your Beauty Regimen For Spring


Your Spring Beauty Regimen For Spring, My Top 5 Tips


Winter is slowly but surely coming to an end.

Doctor Dina Health Advice for Kids - Beauty Regimen

These will have you spring into this coming season with the BEST look yet!

My Top 5 Tips


Whether it be changing up your colour or getting a fresh trim, start the season off with fabulous hair! Winter does a number on both our skin and hair, applying a hydrating mask once per week will ensure your hair is ready to ditch the frosty cold! Not sure which conditioner is best for your hair type? I can help with that by clicking here.


Incorporate an SPF into your skin regiment. Sunscreen plays an important role in protecting the skin from harmful rays. My personal favourite pick is ELTA MD UV daily tinter SPF moisturizer. (SPF 40).


Did you know that dead skin can’t get a fresh glow? Consider incorporating DRY BRUSHING into your weekly skin regiment. It is wonderful technique for exfoliating dead skin, toxin elimination, prevention of cellulite and so much more! For a step by step on dry brushing watch my video here!


Let’s get moving this Spring! With the weather getting warmer, it is so important to incorporate more activity to your daily life style! Get an added benefit to any daily excercise by being out doors to increase endorphins, get fresh oxygen and soaking in much needed Vitamin D by being out in the natural sunshine!

5) Hydrate

Increase skin’s glow, eliminate toxins, increase fat loss, and so much more by drinking water! Although, it is important to drink water any time and season of year we tend to pay more attention to this in warmer seasons and months. Jazz up your water by adding lemon, limes, cucumbers, berries, mint or chai seeds! The options are endless, and the benefits are priceless!

Let’s all put our NATURAL beauty and health first this Spring by committing to these easy, beneficial and low maintenance tips!

Doctor Dina Health Advice for Kids - Beauty Regimen

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