Hair Part Woes? Which Face Shape Are You?

Hair Part Woes? Which Face Shape Are You?

Did you know that your face shape can enhance how your hair part looks? A hair parting is something we all must master at some point. Often times your hair will fall in the direction in which you generally comb, part or flip. A hair parting may also be hard to manage if you have a cowlick, or a disturbance in hair growth.

Although often over looked, a hair parting is ESSENTIAL to achieve the perfect hair style. A hair part can give the illusion of a different face shape, while accentuating your best features. The following with help you determine which is the best parting for your facial shape.

Round or Square Face Shape = Center Parting

Whether you rock a straight or curly “do,” the center part will compliment any style by diminishing unwanted width, while elongating the face.

Oval or Long Face Shape = Side Parting

A side parting can help add width to your face shape. This will allow the illusion of fuller cheek bones, and allow the forehead to appear more narrow. Speaking to your hair stylist can help distinguish which length will best suit your side part in order to best compliment your look.

Unsure of which side you should be parting on? Every woman has “the side.” Whether you have a cute dimple or you’re trying to hide an asymmetric facial feature (we all have them.) Try out both sides to see which suits you best.

Triangle Face Shape = Off-Center Parting

An off centre parting will create a balanced look to a triangle face shape. As stated above, feel out which side will make you feel most confident and secure. Discuss with your stylist as to which will compliment your hairstyle most.

Weight Loss and Hair Parting

When people lose weight, the first thing they are inclined to do is usually beauty related–shopping, getting a new hairstyle, and the like.

Like many things change during weight loss, so does your face shape inspiring a change of longer, or shorter hair. Whatever it may be, keep in mind that your hair parting is a small change which can make a huge difference for your new face shape!

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