Scouting Good Vacation Spots? Plan For Amazing Vacation Hair Too

Scouting Good Vacation Spots? Plan For Amazing Vacation Hair Too

Scouting Good Vacation Spots? Plan For Amazing Vacation Hair Too


Summer is here and people are heading out on vacation and on weekend trips to the beach and lake. While you are scoping out good vacation spots, ensure you plan for amazing vacation hair too!



Using a moisturizing conditioning treatment the wash before you depart, and the first wash after you return will infuse your hair with moisture and prevent excessive drying from the sun. Speak to your stylist about which product is best for your hair type. Our recommendations are: Thick-Dry hair: Absolute repair- L’Oreal Professional. Normal-Fine hair: AG Reconstruct


The sun does wonders for giving natural highlights to blonde locks. However, many of us don’t want our hair color to change on vacation. Consider using a hair sunscreen to deflect any UV rays from penetrating your hair cuticle and lighting your hair color. Our recommendation is AG BB cream total hair primer, to protect against UV rays.



Consider covering your hair with a beach hat or head wrap, wear on wet or dry hair. This will not only protect your scalp, but aid in drying out your hair.



Cleanse your hair of build up from any sunblock, sand, and chlorine by using a clarifying shampoo. Ensure to use a mild product that will not strip your hair color though! AG Renew is a great one that we recommend.



Bring your hair brush in your beach bag and comb out any tangles after a swim (if you have extensions, ensure you are brushing your hair entirely to prevent knotting especially at the bonds).



Don’t opt for anything inferior because it is in a travel-sized container. Use your professional shampoos, conditioners and style products to ensure your best vacation hair! If you can’t find a travel size of your favorite product, buy plastic travel bottles and fill them up – you can even find these containers at the dollar store, making them a cost effective solution.


Fight the frizz! If you are going to a humid climate, use a product to prevent your hair from frizzing out and becoming unmanageable. AG HAIR FRIZZPROOF works wonders!



Pack ample hair brushes, combs, and hair ties. You will never know when you will need them-or be inspired to try a new beach style!


Use Heat Protector! Even the best hotels/resorts can have out dated hair dryers. Often these dryers over-dry our hair. You may also find you wash your hair more to cleanse from any sand or chlorine. Double up your benefits from AG BB Cream. (Refer to #2)



Quick Tips:

  • Keep your hair hydrated

  • Cover it up when you can

  • Use the right products for your hair, and for the vacation


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