8 Tips for Keeping Your Child Cool In The Car Seat

8 Tips for Keeping Your Child Cool In The Car Seat

8 Tips for Keeping Your Child Cool In The Car Seat


Parents are often worried about children being too hot in the car seat. Here are a few ways to keep cool and safe.


  • Point the air vents to the ceiling, this will allow the cool air to bounce down on the child.



  • Cover the car seat with a blanket when NOT in use, it will prevent the sun from making it hot.


  • Open opposite front and back windows to create a cross breeze.


  • Ice packs and spray bottles are fun and cooling.


  • Cling on window shades are safe and block out the sun.


  • Remember to always touch the buckles to be sure they are not hot when strapping in the child. Pull up collars and pull down shorts/skirt/dress fabric, so the car seat straps won’t rub against bare skin.


  • Never leave children unattended in vehicles and place an object like a cell phone, wallet, or purse in the front seat so a child is never forgotten.


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Sharalyn, co-owner of The Car Seat Maven, is a Children’s Restraint Systems Technician-Instructor, certified by CPSAC. She has taken additional training in transport of children with special health care needs and works closely with the POM community.

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