How Does Learning Happen?

How Does Learning Happen?

What Is “How Does Learning Happen?”

The new Childcare and Early Years Act is now following a new education component called “how does learning happen”.

This curriculum is designed to have children learn through relationships, family and their environment. This pedagogy allows educators to focus on interrelationships in the setting of early learning.


Educators are beginning to Understand

Educators in child care and FDK are beginning to understand this way of teaching and learning how best to incorporate it into their daily programs. This has been a struggle for most senior educators as we have been set in our ways for numerous years of teaching children. We have taught many children successfully and so why change it?.
How does learning happen focuses on educators observing children continuously and documenting them?

This will allow the educators to implement activities and learning components to children that follow their interests. Thus far, we have always planned for children, what and how they will learn. This curriculum views children as competent, capable and curious learners. This view enables us to build on their strengths and abilities rather than plan what we feel is best for them to learn, regardless of their strengths and abilities.


The How Does Learning Happen Curriculum

Dr Dina Kulik, Kids Health Blog - dyslexia in adultsThis new curriculum is challenging for educators as well as families, based on my 10 years of experience in the field of child care, I have encountered numerous families telling me that they are unsure of this new way of teaching. They feel that all the children are doing now is “playing”. Parents, still want to be able to dictate what their children learn and how, this is based on their upbringing and keeping their child’s best interests at heart for a great future. Do not blame them for feeling this was as I am a parent and can understand why they feel this way. I believe that we have to meet them half way thus far, give them some of what they want and then educate them on how we are implementing this curriculum followed by providing them with the documentation that their children are learning and having a blast dosing so.


The Four Foundations

How does learning happen follow 4 foundations, Belonging, well-being, expression and engagement. These foundations are geared to ensure that children are reaching optimal learning and development. Additionally, we are continuing to follow the 6 principals of the ELECT document.
The expectations of the program are to assist educators to become researchers and co-learners to learn about children, how they learn best, learn alongside children as well as from children.

Based on the recent training I have had on HDLH, I can tell you that this is a great way of teaching children, by seeing children as competent, capable learners we are enabling them to learning and develop at their own pace. It also, allows other children to take an interest in what their peers are interested in, this is teaching additional milestones for children.


How Does Learning Happen is New, Let’s Work With It

This is a new learning process for educator, children and families and it is imperative for everyone involved to take part and ask questions in this quest for education. The children today are our future and we must foster their development, at their pace and believe in them. Without believing they are competent and capable learners we are failing them.

For further information about HDLH, go to

Happy Learning!

Dr Dina Kulik, Kids Health Blog - Girls Learn Differently

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