Fall Beauty Must-Haves for 2015

Fall Beauty Must-Haves for 2015


Fall is the perfect time to revitalize from the summer sun, and prepare for the winter cold and upcoming holiday parties. Take time this fall to address your beauty regimen concerns, reflect on products and FALL in love with your beauty routine this year!


My Top fall beauty products:


SKIN:  Recently, I received a sample of Ibuki Purifying cleanser by Shiseido and fell in LOVE. It is a gentle cream that foams instantly and easily to gently exfoliate and cleanse while removing any build up and all impurities. Gentle enough to use every day, I find it is a great change to add brightness while improving my skins texture.


BODY: Keep your summer glow! I’ve got two all time favorite products which can be used during any season but is especially great to prolong your summer tan.

WEEKLY: St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse. Apply to freshly exfoliated skin in circular motion with their applicator mitt. This product does not streak, and fades evenly and gently.

EVERY OTHER DAY: After showering, apply Gradual Tan body moisturizer. Maintain your glow with this tinted moisturizer, while nourishing your skin. I prefer to do this every other day because I like to switch it up with a deeper moisturizing cream in between. With both of these products in your arsenal, you can easily maintain your summer glow for all your upcoming holiday functions!


HAIROLAPLEX. For any of you who have already experienced the Olaplaex treatment options you will know it is an instant game changer. Nourish your hair from the summer heat while adding extreme shine, moisture and instant repair.


NAILS: Summer is ending, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still feel bright and happy. It is proven painted nails and toes put you in a better mood! Extend your mani/pedi longevity with my all time FAVE polish line. OPI Infinite shine. Dries instantly, instant removal without soaking/wrapping in polish remover, with the same “Shellac” hardness and longevity without any UV. NOTHING last on my nails that are always in water, but I get a great last with this line! Get the most out of your polish for all your upcoming events without the excess UV exposure.


My fave fall colours:

  • St. Mark’s the spot
  • Rentless Ruby
  • Never Give up
  • Staying Neutral
  • Coca-Cola


SKIN: I LOVE BB Cream! Not only does it act as an all-in-one on the go product providing an instant glow with nourishing ingredients, but it also provides a foundation coverage. It is the one cosmetic item I can not live without (besides my mascara of course!).

For a lighter coverage: All-in-one BB cream by The Body Shop.

For a heavier coverage: Marcelle BB Cream.

Wishing you a fabulous Fall!


Quick Tips:

  • Reflect on upcoming season beauty goals
  • Experiment with new products to better target beauty concerns
  • Create a manicure regiment to ensure your nails are happy
  • Begin using moisture-enriched products to nourish skin from summer sun, while protecting for colder months

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