17 Tips For Travel With Kids

17 Tips For Travel With Kids

17 Tips For Travel With Kids


With this recent cold spell, many of you are looking to get away somewhere warm. I don’t blame you – I’d be travelling too, if I wasn’t due in December! I think you’ll have the best vacation possible if you’re well prepared, so here are my top tips for travel with kids.

Your Flight – Start off Right

1.     Flying with a toddler or baby can be a daunting task. I recommend parents feed their children (e.g. breastfeed or bottle feed infants and give your older kids some water, milk or a snack) on the way up and down, in order to help their ears “pop.”


2.     Some kids may benefit from a dose of Ibuprofen before they fly, as I do, to mitigate ear pain.


3.     Parents ask me all the time about medications like Benadryl and Gravol. Be warned: while these can make some kids sleepy, others will have a paradoxical reaction and become more awake and irritable. I recommend trying a dose at home before flying just in case. Much to my chagrin my kids get hyper on both medications.


4.     For newborns and infants, I recommend adding a sling or infant carrier to your baby-wearing gear. That way your infant is comfortable and you have your hands free, which is essential when juggling passports, tickets, and money. I find that most often babies will fall asleep when worn, leaving you to handle whatever comes your way through the flight and help you stay sane.


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Dina M. Kulik, MD, FRCPC, PEM

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  1. Language Stars

    Thanks for this. Many of our families travel internationally and let me tell you, that’s no easy task with the little ones in tow 🙂 I’ve personally found tip number 1 to be very effective for infants and toddlers. Especially on those 12+ hour flights.

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