10 Active Family Outings From Kids Swimming Pools To The Zoo

10 Active Family Outings From Kids Swimming Pools To The Zoo

10 Active Family Outings From Kids Swimming Pools To The Zoo


You don’t need to go far from home to enjoy some active family fun this summer. In fact, rediscovering your own community or city can offer the most fun of all. Put on some sunscreen, pack a picnic, bring along the camera, and enjoy one of these family-friendly outings.


Visit the zoo

Let your little monkeys loose (in fact let them be your tour guides!) and enjoy seeing animals and “critters” from places near and far. Pack swimsuits and towels in the event the zoo near you has a water play area.


Cool off at a local splash pad or kids swimming pools

Invite some friends along too. Pack some sunscreen, a change of clothes, swimsuits and towels, a ball, some healthy snacks, and plenty of water.


Visit a farmer’s market

The kids can help pick seasonal fruits and veggies or choose locally grown fresh produce to bring home.


Plan a family cycling adventure

If your kids are ready for more than a ride around the block, plan a cycling adventure, mapping out a few special stops (such as for popsicles or ice cream) along the way.


Too hot for outdoor fun?

Enjoy an afternoon at a museum, gallery, or science exhibit, or take your team bowling.


Purchase a YMCA day pass

Enjoy a day of swimming along with other family-friend activities.


Hit the beach

Whether it’s lakeside or sea-side, a day of family fun awaits. Be sure to pack sunscreen, swimsuits, towels, and the perfect picnic.


Spend a day at a provincial/territorial or national park

Tou can swim, hike, climb, canoe, and learn about wildlife.


Back-to-school shopping

The kids will be back to routine before long, so why not get a jump start on the items they’ll need?


Visit a petting farm

Let your kids feed and interact with horses, sheep, goats and piglets.


Swimming classes for kids – are they necessary?

Want more ideas for outdoor games for kids?

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